Future Forecasting Group Private Site
Future Forecasting Group Private Site

Welcome to the Future Forecasting Group Private Site

Exploring upcoming global & financial shifts through Remote Viewing

Forecasting the Future:
A Remote Viewing Experiment

Welcome to Future Forecasting Group!

Future Forecasting Group is comprised of the best non-military remote viewing team in the world, with decades of experience and a track record to match.

With our remote viewing skills, we explore unexplained mysteries, learn more about the future of human civilization, and better understand the world.

We focus on targets in the crypto space, woo-woo and mystery targets, monthly future news events, future predictions and much more! 


Our members-only site is designed to share exciting remote viewing video sessions and other content too sensitive for other public platforms (like YouTube or Twitter). The exclusive, original Future Forecasting Group remote viewing video content on our membership site can’t be found anywhere else - our members often share that our information has changed their lives! 

If you’re interested in Remote Viewing, this is the place to be. Join our community today!

Future Forecasting Group is a Members-Only Remote Viewing Community with Exclusive Video Content!

ALL Members get access to:

  • Weekly Remote Viewing Hits
  • Monthly World Events Remote Viewing Videos
  • Dick Allgire's World Views 
  • Team Interviews
  • Members Resource Library
  • Community Discussion & Live Members Chat

Membership Plans

We currently have 4 membership tiers:

Tailored for people more interested in our Remote Viewing of Crypto Tokens, Blockchain companies, and persons of interest in the space. 

You'll get: 
  • Our monthly Remote Viewing of upcoming world events and news

  • Remote Viewing of Crypto related targets

  • Weekly Market Analysis by our Technical Analyst, Martee Hibbs

  • Weekly Crypto News provided by Daz Smith

  • Crypto ARV Experimental Targets

  • Dick Allgire's world views segments

Tailored for people more interested in learning more about mysteries, such as UAP, obscured history, and political/geological targets. 

You'll get: 
  • Our monthly Remote Viewing of upcoming world events and news

  • Remote Viewing of mystery, woo woo, and geopolitical targets

  • Edward Riordan's "Messages from Edward" series

  • Mysteries ARV Experimental Targets

  • Chapter discussions with Harry Cooper about "Space! The Final Frontier"  

  • Dick Allgire's world views segments

This is the tier with the best value and most subscribers and contains all of the features of the MysteryViewing and CryptoViewing tiers plus some extras at a $5 discount.

You'll get: 
  • Everything in the CryptoViewing and MysteryViewing tiers

  • Financial Remote Viewing sessions

  • Conversations with Friends videos where we speak with special advisors on how the world works and context for where it's going

  • Team Q&A's and Live Calls

  • Evaluations of previous Remote Viewing targets 

  • Tarot Readings provided by Courtney Wheaton

The Founders Circle is for those who want to really support what we're doing, or are more interested in content from our special advisors on how the world works, where it's all going, and how we got to where we are. 

This tier also provides an opportunity for members to have a 2-hour session with one of our special advisors to ask any questions about anything in real time.  These sessions are recorded and provided to the Founders Circle members and are always interesting, insightful, and challenging. 

You'll get: 
  • All content that we produce

  • Founders Circle members-only discussion area and live chat

  • Founders' conversations with our Special Advisor

  • Special Founders Only presentations

  • Founders only live hangouts with the team (ad-hoc but will be recorded)


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or contact our admins using the chat feature: @Jamie H

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